9/15/16 Clarkston Coffee Club Tips and Events

Randy Barns – Highpoint Payroll – 12/1/16 new overtime rules go into effect,  1/1/17 minimum wage goes to $8.90 http://highpointpayroll.com

Mike Kastler – Kastler Financial Planning – Co-opetition book http://kastlerfinancialplanning.com

Cindy Burroughs – Clarkston News – News does a lot of community advertising, your business will continue to grow if you keep your name out there http://clarkstonnews.com

Pam Belding – Current Inspirations – Pay attention to your sanity screw and let it go www.CurrentInspiration.com

Jan Tait – The difference between casually touching someone and doing energy work is centering in your heart and make the intent to help the person http://www.JTaitWellness.com

Crystal Cockerham – Nuview Nutrition – http://nuviewnutrition.com

Wendy Pinter – Nine Short Months – poem about unexpected changes  http://nineshortmonths.com

Katy Dixon – Advanced Eye Care of Michigan – http://www.advancedeyecaremi.com

Linda Danek – Wadell and Reed –  Wadell Wednesdays, Andiamo’s in Clarkston – last Wednesday of the month 4:30pm https://www.waddell.com

Kelly Scott – Your Detroit Life Coach – One sep forward at a time will get you from suffering to bliss

Andy Blain – Next Level Consulting –
Plans are very important, but stay flexible

Emily – North Headlands Oakland Water Conservancy – Protecting our land and water – http://www.nohlc.org

Victoria Fleming and Chandler Fleming- Clarkston Lighthouse Counseling – Live is very much like an ocean – http://clarkstonlighthousecounseling.com

John Mathers – Mathers Insurance – Make sure the actual business name is correct on your business policy http://www.mathersinsurance.com

Jeff Smolek – Experience matters, can practice anywhere in Michigan  http://jeffreysmoleklaw.com

Pamela Palmer – Printboys Digital Printing – Banner elements – logo at top http://www.printboys.net

Mark Kelly – MPKphoto – will work with you to make business videos

Don Rush – Clarkston News – Print advertising logo on top is less important www.clarkstonnews.com