9/15/16 Clarkston Coffee Club Tips and Events

Randy Barns – Highpoint Payroll – 12/1/16 new overtime rules go into effect,  1/1/17 minimum wage goes to $8.90 http://highpointpayroll.com

Mike Kastler – Kastler Financial Planning – Co-opetition book http://kastlerfinancialplanning.com

Cindy Burroughs – Clarkston News – News does a lot of community advertising, your business will continue to grow if you keep your name out there http://clarkstonnews.com

Pam Belding – Current Inspirations – Pay attention to your sanity screw and let it go www.CurrentInspiration.com

Jan Tait – The difference between casually touching someone and doing energy work is centering in your heart and make the intent to help the person http://www.JTaitWellness.com

Crystal Cockerham – Nuview Nutrition – http://nuviewnutrition.com

Wendy Pinter – Nine Short Months – poem about unexpected changes  http://nineshortmonths.com

Katy Dixon – Advanced Eye Care of Michigan – http://www.advancedeyecaremi.com

Linda Danek – Wadell and Reed –  Wadell Wednesdays, Andiamo’s in Clarkston – last Wednesday of the month 4:30pm https://www.waddell.com

Kelly Scott – Your Detroit Life Coach – One sep forward at a time will get you from suffering to bliss

Andy Blain – Next Level Consulting –
Plans are very important, but stay flexible

Emily – North Headlands Oakland Water Conservancy – Protecting our land and water – http://www.nohlc.org

Victoria Fleming and Chandler Fleming- Clarkston Lighthouse Counseling – Live is very much like an ocean – http://clarkstonlighthousecounseling.com

John Mathers – Mathers Insurance – Make sure the actual business name is correct on your business policy http://www.mathersinsurance.com

Jeff Smolek – Experience matters, can practice anywhere in Michigan  http://jeffreysmoleklaw.com

Pamela Palmer – Printboys Digital Printing – Banner elements – logo at top http://www.printboys.net

Mark Kelly – MPKphoto – will work with you to make business videos

Don Rush – Clarkston News – Print advertising logo on top is less important www.clarkstonnews.com

9/8/16 Clarkston Coffee Club Tips and Events

Jan Tait
Thanks to Legal Shield, she was a victim of identity theft and they really helped
Has a Healing Touch class coming up this weekend

Carol Compagnoni
Legal Shield can be used for good news and bad news
Carol is having an informational lunch next Thursday at Deneen’s place
Bringing back Wednesday Networking at noon at Deneen’s place every Wednesday in September and every other week in October

Pamela Palmer – Printboys Digital Printing
Tips for postcard content elements – Logo at the top, clear bold headline, offer with a time limit, contact information, call to action, supporting images

Peg Hill – The Big Deal
Best of the best ads are now available
Showed a fun themed event

Fire and Crime prevention pages coming up

Pam Belding – Current Inspirations
Shared her story ab out more time with her husband

Marie Martin – Candid and Classy
How to do a good handshake – position your hand vertical, match the pressure, step to the side and introduce yourself

Deneen Troupe-Buitrago – Grow From Your Overflow
John Maxwell’s book Success 101 7 areas of self management, see more on her blog
Upcoming workshop, Monday Facebook groups, Power of Habit

Andy Blain
Wining strategy for 2017 Workshop in November
Brand is nothing more than how people expect the experience will be. Let people know how they will be better off when they deal with you

Christine Baskin – Massage Theripist
Reflexology works with feet for specialized massage

Victoria Fleming
Walked the bridge on Monday

Chandler Fleming
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Make professional and personal lists

Emily Deacon
North Oakland Land Conservancy
Annual fundraiser Wild Night Out Gala – October 7
Native Plant Sale – Neimans September 17

Mark Kelly – MPKseniors
Shared differently he photographs high school senior sports students with lighting and situations

Don Rush Clarkston News
Change up the look of your advertising
Target you message to your number one bestest customer